Kelco is the leading manufacturer of abraives in South Korea with a
major sales branch in the United States of America.

Kelco has been selling abrasives in the USA since 1979, while sales in
Korea bagan in 2004
Thanks to our state-of-the-art machine technology and our extensive
experience developing and manufacturing abrasives, we are now the
leading manufacturer of abrasives in South Korea.

Kelco’s manufacturing sector uses only the highest quality materials
from around the world, and we are very proud to be supplying the finest
industrial abrasive products on the market. If you cannot find a suitable
product in our inventory, we will happily custom produce any item
according to your specifications

For Kelco, ethics comes first, We aim to conduct business fairly, with
honesty and integrity in order to provide professional-grade abrasive
products at an exceptional price.

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