Kelco is the biggest flap disc manufacturer in South Korea.

Flap discs are available in a wide variety of sizes and specifications,
designed to meet the many needs of the market.

Our flap discs are made from the highest quality materials,
which allows them to grind aggressively and still be long lasting.
They are available with a fiberglass or plastic backing.
and with a conical [T29] or flat [T27] design.
Sizes range from 50mm to 180mm in diameter.

Our flap discs can be supplied under a private label or the
Kelco label.

Universal Flap Disc Sizes

100X16.23mm (4”)

115X22.23mm (4.5”)

125X22.23mm (5”)

150X22.23mm (6”)

178X22.23mm (7”)

Mini Flap Disc Sizes

50mm with QCD type (TR)

75mm with QCD type (TR)

50X9.8mm (2”)




Trimmable plastic pads


T-27 : Use for grinding flat surfaces. Most efficient when used at an angle of
0 to 15degree

T-29 : Conical shape provides an excellent angle for contour and edge grinding. Best when used at a wider angle of
15 to 25degree